Real Estate Secured Crowd Investing
Real Estate Secured Crowd Investing
Intelligent Property Investment

Bauhaus Building, Unit 212



​R 10 000

​R 215 000

Property Prospectus: 
Bauhaus 212, Pretoria Central


Bauhaus 212 offers a unique investment opportunity in the heart of Pretoria Central. This bachelor flat, situated in a well-maintained building, is an ideal blend of comfort, convenience, and investment potential.

Investment Terms:

  • Minimum Investment: R10,000.00
  • Bonded Return: 10.8% per annum
  • Total Investment Capacity: R 215,000.00
  • Equity remaining as security: 20.8% (R 56,666.00)
  • Investment Term: Minimum of 5 years, with options for early termination or extension as mutually agreed upon.
  • Returns Distribution: Annually on 31 March of each year.


  • Address: Bauhaus 212, 371 Thabo Sehume St, Pretoria Central, Pretoria Central.
  • Key Features: Central location, close to all amenities including shopping centers, restaurants, cultural landmarks, and public transport facilities.
  • Area Description: Pretoria Central is a bustling urban area, known for its historical significance, vibrant streets lined with Jacaranda trees, and a growing economic and cultural scene.

Property Details:

  • Type: Bachelor Flat
  • Condition: Well-maintained and modern
  • Building: Secure and well-looked-after with essential amenities
  • Property Valuation: R 271,666.00

Investment Highlights:

  • Investment Security: The investment is secured against the property.
  • Capital Growth Potential (Additional Security): Located in a developing area of Pretoria Central, the property is poised for potential capital appreciation.

Pretoria Central: A Vibrant Investment Location   

Pretoria Central is not just the administrative heart of South Africa but also a hub of growth and development. The area is undergoing significant transformation, making it an attractive location for both residential and commercial investments.

Why Invest in Bauhaus 212?

  • Stable Rental Demand: The central location and urban lifestyle appeal make Bauhaus 212 a desirable choice for tenants, ensuring a steady rental income.
  • Growth Prospects: Continuous development in Pretoria Central suggests promising capital appreciation for properties in the area.
  • Accessibility and Convenience: The strategic location of the property offers unparalleled convenience, attracting a diverse tenant base.


Investing in Bauhaus 212 is an opportunity to be part of the dynamic growth of Pretoria Central. This property not only offers a stable return but also positions investors in a rapidly developing urban area with significant potential for capital growth.


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