Real Estate Secured Crowd Investing
Real Estate Secured Crowd Investing
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​R 10 000

​R 620 000

Offer Description


Micasa 1 offers an outstanding investment opportunity in the tranquil yet centrally located suburb of Erasmus, Bronkhorstspruit. This 2-bedroom townhouse, built with the expertise of RPIC, presents a unique investment with a secure and lucrative income stream.

Investment Terms:

  • Minimum Investment: R10,000.00
  • Total Investment Capacity: R 620,000.00
  • Equity Remaining as Security: 23.6% (R 192,500.00)
  • Investment Term: Minimum of 5 years, with options for early termination or extension as mutually agreed upon.
  • Returns Distribution: Annually on 31 March of each year.
  • Bonded Return: 10.2% per annum


  • Address: Micasa 1, 58 Cornelius Street, Erasmus, Bronkhorstspruit.
  • Key Features: Situated in a peaceful yet central location, close to schools, shopping centers, and other amenities.
  • Area Description: Erasmus is a suburb known for its tranquility and family-friendly environment, making it an ideal location for residential investments. Bronkhorstspruit’s strategic position adds to the appeal, offering a blend of serene living and accessibility.

Property Details:

  • Type: 2-Bedroom Townhouse
  • Condition: Newly built and modern
  • Building: Part of a secure and well-maintained complex
  • Property Valuation: R 812,500.00

Investment Highlights:

  • Income Stream Security: The property offers a stable and secure income stream, enhanced by its desirable location and modern amenities.
  • Capital Growth Potential: The strategic location in Bronkhorstspruit, coupled with the area's development potential, suggests strong prospects for capital appreciation.

Erasmus, Bronkhorstspruit: A Desirable Investment Location

Erasmus in Bronkhorstspruit is not only a peaceful residential area but also a location with growing economic potential. Its proximity to key amenities and strategic location enhances its attractiveness for both living and investment purposes.

Why Invest in Micasa 1?

  • Stable and Secure Returns: The investment in Micasa 1 promises stable and attractive returns, backed by the solid performance of the property.
  • Desirable Location: The townhouse’s location in a family-friendly suburb, combined with the convenience of nearby amenities, makes it a highly attractive investment.
  • Long-term Growth Prospects: The ongoing development in and around Bronkhorstspruit suggests a promising future for property value appreciation.


Investing in Micasa 1 in Erasmus, Bronkhorstspruit, offers investors a blend of security, stability, and potential for growth. This investment is not just about immediate returns but also about being part of the promising development trajectory of the area, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a reliable and profitable real estate investment.


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