Real Estate Secured Crowd Investing
Real Estate Secured Crowd Investing
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​R 10 000

​R 880 000

Property Prospectus: 
Kareeberg 1, Heatherview, Akasia


Kareeberg 1 presents a compelling investment opportunity in the serene and secure estate of Heatherview, Akasia, situated within the Strategic Economic Zone of Tshwane. This 3-bedroom townhouse, constructed by RPIC, offers a unique investment prospect with a secure income stream.

Investment Terms:

  • Minimum Investment: R10,000.00
  • Total Investment Capacity: R 880,000.00
  • Equity remaining as security: 18.5% (R 200,000.00)
  • Investment Term: Minimum of 5 years, with options for early termination or extension as mutually agreed upon.
  • Returns Distribution: Annually on 31 March of each year.
  • Bonded Return: 9.2% per annum


  • Address: Kareeberg 1, 59 Main St, Heatherdale AH, Akasia, 0182, Heatherview, Akasia, Tshwane.
  • Key Features: Located in a secure estate, close to essential amenities and within the Strategic Economic Zone of Tshwane.
  • Area Description: Heatherview, Akasia is known for its tranquility, security, and family-friendly environment. The area is part of the rapidly developing Tshwane Economic Zone, making it a strategic location for investment.

Property Details:

  • Type: 3-Bedroom Townhouse
  • Condition: Newly built and modern
  • Building: Part of a secure and well-maintained estate
  • Property Valuation: R 1 080,100.00 

Investment Highlights:

  • Income Stream Security: The property was sold to a buyer through a Section 20 ALA (Alienation of Land Act - "Private Bond") contract, offering a more secure income stream compared to traditional rental properties.
  • Capital Growth Potential: The strategic location within the Tshwane Economic Zone suggests strong potential for capital appreciation.

Heatherview, Akasia: A Growing Investment Destination 

Heatherview, Akasia, is not just a residential haven but also a burgeoning economic area within Tshwane. Its inclusion in the Strategic Economic Zone points to significant growth and development potential, making it an attractive location for property investment.

Why Invest in Kareeberg 1?

  • Stable and Secure Returns: The use of a Section 20 ALA contract for the sale of the property ensures a more secure and stable income stream for investors.
  • Desirable Location: The townhouse's location in a secure estate in a growing economic zone makes it an attractive investment.
  • Long-term Growth Prospects: The ongoing development in the Tshwane Economic Zone enhances the potential for long-term capital growth of the property.


Kareeberg 1 in Heatherview, Akasia, offers investors a unique blend of security, stability, and growth potential. This investment is not just about immediate returns but also about being part of the exciting development trajectory of the Tshwane Economic Zone.


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